I Was Here – Gayle Forman Review


‘I regret to inform you that I have decided to take my own life’



I strongly feel like this book should come with warnings. Yes from the blurb we know it touches on suicide, but it needs warnings for the ‘romanticising’ of  suicide. That being said, I did like this book.

We meet Cody, who’s best friend (Meg) has killed herself. Meg left a note about how it was her decision, but no one knows why.  Cody takes Megs laptop and discovers emails to Ben, who she believes led Meg to kill herself, and this is where the story really takes off.

Whilst there is a small love story in the book, Meg/ Ben, Cody/ Ben, it is not the main focus.

Cody snoops further into Megs past, and finds ‘The Final Solution’, an online ‘support group’ for suicide. This isn’t your normal support, its more of an encouragement forum on how to go ahead with it. This is where we meet ALL_BS.

ALL_BS had been posting on Megs posts, and Cody believes it was his doing, it was him that pushed Meg to take her life. With help from Harry, Cody tracks down ALL_BS and confronts him. This part of the book… I did not care for. The whole book was a build up to Cody finding this man, and it was a bit disappointing. There was no major confrontation, no stand off, no admission, nothing. She ends up walking away (thankfully he is investigated at the end of the book!).

Later on in the book, we find out that Meg had suffered from depression for a long time, but the story was never really about her. It was always about Cody and how she copes with her ‘Other Half’.

As someone who has suffered (it never leaves you, but you learn to deal) from depression, this book is quite a hard read, but it is needed. Unlike thirteen reasons why, it does not focus on the person who killed themselves, it focuses on the people it affected, her best friend, her parents, her brother. We learn Megs mum suffers from depression, and she bakes in order to cope with it when she is having a bad time.

I also like that the book focuses on how much of a random thing this was for Meg. Throughout the whole book we hear about how Meg was so lively and upbeat and basically the life of the party. It shows how easy it was for her to hide how she really felt from her best friend, and it really shows how you never know what is actually going on in someone’s life.

I really enjoyed this book. What do you guys think? Let me know!








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